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1676 Bacon's Rebellion
Abby W.
Nathaniel Bacon confronts William Berkeley about attacking the Native Americans (North Wind Pictures Archives).

Nathaniel Bacon leads Virginians in an attack on Native Americans in 1676 (Library of Congress Image).

Write a journal/newspaper style article in which you take a neutral stance (as a reporter) and give the facts about the actual event. What led up to the event? What happened during the actual event? Did it have an “end” or is it unresolved? You are to write about this event when it happened, you are assuming the role of a reporter in 1850, 1920, etc., not someone looking back from 2011. You need to cite your sources, and they must include information only available during that time period. At least one source must be primary and/or an eyewitness account. Important - This work will be submitted to TurnItIn.com. We will provide you information about using this helpful resource!

Burning of Jamestown, VA Results from Rebellious Farmers

Bacon’s Rebellion, the first defiance of the English rule, took place the summer of 1676. Local Jamestown settlers lost their patience with Great Britain’s rules and laws. They were also frustrated with Virginia Governor William Berkeley because he had made friendly decisions relations to Native Americans that the farmers did not support, like not displacing Natives even though it could be close to a settler’s village.

Nathaniel Bacon, a planter himself, demanded that Governor William Berkeley must allow him to attack the Native Americans because they ruined his town’s farms. Bacon was very frustrated with the governor's stance on Indian raids,so he disobeyed Berkeley’s orders and led a group of settlers in an attack against the Native Americans. When Berkeley heard about the farmers’ victory over the Native Americans, he grew very angry and denounced Bacon’s group as traitors and rebels because they formed a group and attacked without his permission. “I will add noe more though much more is still remaineing to Justifie me and condemne Mr. Bacon” (World History). Bacon made a “Declaration in the name of the people of Virginia,” saying that Berkeley (and a list of people) were also traitors and the people of Virginia want elections about colonial decisions. The rebellious men carried out many more marches including a march that lead to the burning of Jamestown. Throughout the past summer, Berkeley and Bacon continued to lose relations. In October of 1676, Bacon unexpectedly died, from dysentery as some suspect, and the group fell apart. Bacon died when the rebellion was not over. Soon after his death, the other leaders of his group were hanged.

The word about rebelling against English rule and creating an independent, self-government is quickly spreading. Many can sense that a war between Britain and the colonies in the future.

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Task 1: Mastery Rubric
A quality news article will:
•open with an attention-grabbing headline
•identify the author's name and the date of the publication (in the past)
•develop the 5 W's in three power paragraphs
•paragraph 1: contain an interesting lead
•paragraph 2: correctly cite a secondary source (an indirect quote)
•paragraph 3: correctly cite a primary source (eyewitness account)
•maintain appropriate journalistic voice
•read like an article written in the same time period as the event occurred
be free of mechanics and format errors

What is the Argument?

Government should exist to protect the people and allow them to have an impact and say regarding political issues.
PROMPT 1: Why did the majority of Americans not recognize the rights of members of this group?

Nathaniel Bacon, a planter, along with almost one thousand Virginian farmers were very frustrated with their state governor, William Berkeley, so they revolted against the government and attacked the Native Americans. The rebels did not agree with the friendly policies Berkeley was offering the Native Americans and how the government put their relations with the Indians above the farmers, who felt unprotected and vulnerable to Indian attacks, therefore they took it a step further by attacking the Indians and ruining all relations they had. Jaime Olivares and Spencer Tucker, both certified in teaching history, say that Virginia worked on peace treaties with the Native American tribes in trying to heal their broken relationship caused by all the wars and battles. The feeling of being unprotected and separated from the government that many Virginians felt caused centuries of conflict. All the settlers wanted was the Native Americans’ land and Andrew Frank, writer of the article, “American Indian Wars,” says that the struggle was to conquer and claim the inhabited territory of North America. The government did not give Nathaniel Bacon and his men the full protection from the Native Americans because there were friendly policies between them that were important to Berkeley.

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PROMPT 2: How did advocates for the minority group shed light on this injustice?
Nathaniel Bacon and his followers exposed the injustice of the government failing to protect the people and allow them to have political power by assaulting the Native Americans who were invading and sabotaging their farms and writing a declaration. When Bacon’s group did not agree with William Berkeley’s, the state governor, outreaching and friendly policies towards the Indians, they took matters upon themselves by attacking the Native Americans and forming a declaration about the wrong doings Berkeley had committed in their opinions. “ For having protected, favored, and emboldened the Indians against his Majesty’s loyal subjects, never contriving, requiring, or appointing, any due or proper means of satisfaction for their many invasions, robberies, and murders committed upon us” (“Nathaniel Bacon: declaration in the name of the people of Virginia…” 1). This statement made by Bacon’s rebellious group and the people of Virginia was the major reason why Bacon and his men attacked. “Nathaniel Bacon, leader of the rebellion, attacked Jamestown and burned it” (“Jamestown” 2). Since Jamestown was the statehouse at the time, the burning of it caused the word about revolting got out. The declaration, burning of the statehouse, and attacking the Indians caused the rebellious attitude to spread rapidly.

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I need protection
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Oh, I need protection

Paragraph 1: Analyze the impact of the literary or artistic work for the minority group and/or American society as a whole.The band XTC's song, "I need protection," expresses how many Americans felt during the 1670's, the time around Bacon's Rebellion. Virginian farmers lived day to day in fear of Indian attacks since they lived in Native American territory and were frustrated that the government was not giving them the protection they and voice they deserved. In Keira Stevenson's article "Bacon's Rebellion," she describes how the farmers' farms were attacked by the Native Americans and William Berkeley, the Virginian governor, refused to help them. Bacon's men and other non-rebellious people that lived near Indian territory felt unprotected after the government chose to put their Indian relations above their lives. In the band XTC's song. the verse " Oh, I need protection, nothing is truly safe and, nothing is truly sacred," Bacon's men wanted a protective government that was safe and sacred, which was not the way it was in America at the time since they were under a monarchy from England. All the feelings going on during and after Bacon's rebellion was mostly the need for protection, which perfectly is shown in the song, "I need protection."
Works Cited:XTC. "Xtc- I Need Protection Lyrics." Lyrics Time { The Great Lyrics Provider }. 2002. Web. 06 Oct. 2011. <http://www.lyricstime.com/xtc-i-need-protection-lyrics.html>.
Stevenson, Keira. "Bacon's Rebellion." Toledo, Ohio: Great Neck Publishing, 2009. Web. 06 Oct. 2011. <http://web.ebscohost.com/src/detail?vid=3>.

Paragraph 2: CLOSING-- How did the event impact the debate on the argument?The impact of feeling unprotected and wanting a government with a voice, unlike the monarchy from England they were controlled by, quickly spread throughout the country. Although Nathaniel Bacon died soon after one of his many rebellious actions, another took over and more groups came to be. In Jaime Ramon and Spencer C. Tucker's article, "Bacon's Rebellion: North American Colonial Wars,"they write about how the governor had to focus on just the uprisings, which caused the rebellious actions to die down. The fact that all of the governor's concern was about the uprisings occurring means it must have been a major worry. Even though numerous uprisings slowed down after Berkeley's firm hand, Andrew Frank wrote in his article, "American Indian Wars," that the discussions of Bacon's Rebellion might have been a precursor to the Indian War (1676-1677) and possibly the Revolutionary War. Bacon's Rebellion introduced an idea of new and greater government they were striving for, and this idea is what gave America a strong country and allowed everyone to be fully protected and have a voice to this day.
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TASK III: Artistic Expression Element Rubric
An outstanding product will.
•showcase a work that expresses a profound idea about your event and the argument surrounding it You've made a logical connection here
•be the best example available, not simply the first one you find
•demonstrate your ability to interpret the meaning of the literary or artistic piece Can you show a bit more about the meaning?
•use the extended power paragraph format as a means to express your understanding of the event, argument, and how art literature and art
can reveal emotions and ideas
•reference sources accurately
•mechanics are clean and effective Be sure to note the red underline, it indicates errors
Rubric for the Time Line Page
An outstanding time line entry includes the following:
• Opens by identifying you, the author, and your event with a banner headline (see an example of a banner on the top of this page).
• Under the banner, in the table place two graphics or photos that illustrates an important aspect of the event.
• Thoughtful responses to each prompt are supported by credible sources representing diverse perspectives on the event.
• Each response should be posted in order (follow template instructions), contain few mechanic errors and follow the power paragraph format.
• The credibility of each cited source is established and internal citations accurately match the Works Cited.• TASK I and TASK II each introduce and cite two new sources; TASK III cites one new source.• The Works Cited lists 5 credible sources from the LC databases.