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    proselytizingProselytizing - Glenn
    Glenn P.
    Max Boot, "ButcherButcher and Bolt," China, pg. 51Bolt, "China" (51)
    Appropriate Definition:
    verb: to induce someone to convert to one's faith
    Definition URL:Pronunciation
    Context Sentences:
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  1. page Jack B - NHD MEMO edited ... This secondary source is a web article from CQ researcher written in 2004 by Bob Adams, it is …
    This secondary source is a web article from CQ researcher written in 2004 by Bob Adams, it is credible because it is an article from CQ researcher and CQ is a SAGE publication. The source discusses the assault-weapons ban and the Brady law and talks about how it has or has not reduced the crime rate. This will contribute to my paper because it gives me insight on how past weapons bans have worked and if they have worked at all. It will help me decide on how to impose my weapons ban.
    Cooper, Mary H. “Arms Sales.” CQ Researcher Online. N.p., 9 Dec. 1994. Web. 13 May 2012. <‌cqresearcher/‌document.php?id=cqresrre1994120900&abstract=false>.
    recent history.
    “Department of Homeland Security Speech.” eLibrary Curriculum Edition. N.p., 17 Mar. 2009. Web. 27 Apr. 2012. <‌elibweb/‌curriculum/‌do/‌document?
    border violence.
    “Enforcing Prohibition .” History Study Center. elibrary, 2012. Web. 14 May 2012. <‌search/‌>.
    This is a video clip that is a secondary source about how to enforce prohibition. This source is about how the police force at the time was enforcing the laws that banned alcohol and how they captured thousands of gallons of illegally made and sold liquor but it didn't stop or discourage bootleggers. This was part of my argument as well as the article about organized crime against my position in my paper.
    A secondary encyclopedia source written by Kenneth Jost who is the Associate Editor that graduated from both Harvard College and Georgetown University Law Center where he is an adjunct professor. This article is a pro/con about if having the availability of handguns to the public would be safer then if no one owned a gun. I used this article for my 6th memo for my position in the overall paper.
    Klare, Michael T. “the thriving black market for weapons.” EBSCO eBook Collection. N.p., Apr. 1988. Web. 13 May 2012. <‌ehost/‌pdfviewer/‌pdfviewer?sid=19bceb38-4fd7-4ed4-8d38-a929f7560866%40sessionmgr110&vid=7&hid=105>.
    its making.
    Markowski, Stefan. “Multi-Channel Supply Chain for Illicit Small Arms.” EBSCO eBook Collection. N.p., 15 Jan. 2008. Web. 14 May 2012. <‌ehost/‌pdfviewer/‌pdfviewer?sid=19bceb38-4fd7-4ed4-8d38-a929f7560866%40sessionmgr110&vid=10&hid=105>.
    This is a secondary source from EBSCO host online database, there are multiple authors from multiple colleges- Stefan Markowski, Stephanie Koorey, and Peter Hall are from the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Academy and Jurgen Brauer are from James M. Hull College of Buisness. The article describes the multiple channels that funnel weapons to the illegal market. It helped me find a good way to stop the flow of weapons because i knew how the weapons were being transferred.
    This is a secondary source written using primary sources as an encyclopedia article from Elibrary. This very short article talks about organized crime in the Unites States with a little background history on some of the major mob bosses, like Al-Capone, Luciano, Siegel, Lansky, and Moran. I used this article in memo 5 as the argument against my position for the overall paper.
    Roth, Jeffery A., and Christopher S. Koper. “Impacts of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban: 1994-96.” U.S. department of justice. N.p., Mar. 1999. Web. 11 May 2012. <‌pdffiles1/‌173405.pdf>.
    the problem.
    “Second Amendment.” American Civil Liberties Society. N.p., 7 July 2008. Web. 16 May 2012. <‌racial-justice_prisoners-rights_drug-law-reform_immagrants-rights/‌second-amendment >.
    black market.
    Strakes, Jason E. “Illicit Arms Transfers: Linking Weapins Characteristics and Strategic Applications.” EBSCO eBook Collection. infohio, Mar. 2008. Web. 12 May 2012. <‌ehost/‌pdfviewer/‌pdfviewer?sid=19bceb38-4fd7-4ed4-8d38-a929f7560866%40sessionmgr110&vid=5&hid=105>.
    about it.
    Worsnop, Richard L. “Gun Control.” CQ Researcher Online. N.p., 10 June 1994. Web. 23 Apr. 2012. <‌cqresearcher/‌document.php?id=cqresrre1994061000&type=hitlist&num=1>.
    This is a secondary source written by Richard L. Worshop, who is an author for CQ researcher which makes this an encyclopedia source. This article looks at whether gun control would reduce the violent crime in the U.S. I used this source to help come up with my positing for the paper and i used it for the history of my topic.
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    Welcome to Buchholz & Sidor's American Studies
    Which health care system is best for the United States?
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    Comparison Essay: Who is more influential in the 1920s and 1980s: Great Persons on Civil Society? What choo talkin' 'bout? -- Check it out --1980's Yuppies, Clydesdales, Wannabes, Posses,-- You Know It; Cowabunga!
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