Small Wars Topics

WHY FIGHT?Should we stay or should we go in Afghanistan?
Project Goal: Students completing the project will be able to articulate an informed, credible position on the question "How should the U.S. proceed in Afghanistan?"

Content Objectives: Students will first establish the nature, scope and context of the small war strategies employed by American presidents over the last 115 years. Second, they will judge the extent to which these wars adhered to the Powell Doctrine, Max Boot's thesis as developed in The Savage Wars of Peace, and the Principles of Just Wars. Third, students will use insights gained from their study of small wars to analyze the War in Afghanistan and make recommendations about how the U.S should proceed.

Skill Objectives: Students will continue to refine their research strategies while selecting credible sources that offer information and expert opinion related to their research questions. Students will develop a position on the project question and develop persuasive arguments to support their position. Written and oral arguments will be published using the wikispaces and podcast technology.

Task I is due Friday, November 18
Task II is due Tuesday, November 22
Task III is due Tuesday, November 29
Task IV is due Friday, December 2
PART II: To what extent were the small wars Just Wars?
PART III: How Should the U.S. Proceed In Afghanistan?
Rubric for Small War Wiki: •Answers to project questions are accurate and complete.
•Information and expert opinion are selected from the required LC resources and are cited accurately with the credibility precisely stated.
·Maps, banners and photos are caption and cited.
•Project questions are answered fully in extended power paragraphs.spelling
•Writing is edited for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.
*Works cited follow each task

Required LC e-books and Databases:
CIAO--Columbia International Affairs Online (Golden Rod Sheet)
Global issues in Context (Golden Rod Sheet)
World at War (Golden Rod Sheet)
Maps 101 (Golden Rod Sheet)
Americans at War (ebooks--Gold Sheet)
Cold War Reference Library (ebooks--Gold Sheet)
Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity (ebooks--Gold Sheet)
Encyclopedia of War and American Society (ebooks--Gold Sheet)
Maps 101 (Goldenrod Sheet)APImages (Goldenrod Sheet)