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Diverse Perspectives on the Question: How Should the U.S. Proceed in Afghanistan?

I. Central Asian Neighbors and Interested Parties
1. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani TJK
2. Pakistan’s President, Asif Ali Zardari - Max R
3. Army General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Pakistan’s Military Commander
4. Lt. General Ahmed Shiya Pasha, Director General of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence - Emma P.
5. Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs- Zach O.
6. Husain Haqqani, former Pakistan Ambassador to the United States-Shea S.
7. Sherry Rehman, newly appointed Pakistani Ambassador to the United States
8. Talat Masood, Pakistani political commentator Lexie M.
9. Hasa Askari Rizvi, National Security Analyst in Lahore, Pakistan by Abby W
10. Islamic Republic News Agency—Regional Media Source
11. Al Jazeera –Regional Media Source
12. India Minister of External Affairs, Somanahalli Mahhaiah Krishna- Taylor N.
13. Ismail Salami, also known as Ali Salami and Simon Lee (born 17 January 1968), is an Iranian writer, Middle East Expert,lexicographer. Emily M

II. Afghanistan Leaders
1. Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan Brooks Mason
2. Former Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah, (He ran against Hamid Karzai in the 2009 Presidential election)
3. Ashraf Ghani, Chairman, Afghan Government Transition Arabella M.
4. Sayed Habib Ahmadi, Afghan Head of Joint Coordinating Givi G.
5. Wahidullah Shahrani, Afghan Ministry of Mines - Elena M
6. Mohammad Bakir Shaikzada, Shiite Cleric in Kabul
7. Mullah Mohammad Omar, Taliban Chief Brian M.

III. U.S. Military
2. Brig. General Stephen Clark, Special Operations ASHLEY M Command, appointed to investigate the NATO airstrike on Pakistan
3. David H. Petraeus, Central Intelligence Agency Director Annie Trexler
4. General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff
5. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, former top commander of American forces in Afghanistan - Becca J.
6. General John R. Allen, commander of the International Security Assistance Force (NATO)

IV. International Coalition (Allies) and Institutions
1. Prime Minister David Cameron, United Kingdom Ben C.
2. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel Sarah Mikac
3. German Foreign Minister, Giudo Westerwelle Alex Kern
4. French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe Reyna Lusson
5. International Monetary Fund
6. Susan Rice, United States Ambassador to the United Nations
7. Robert B. Zoellick, President of World Bank Jacob Blankemeyer

V. U.S. Personnel In-Country (Afghanistan and Pakistan)
2. United States Agency for International Development USAID)—In Afghanistan- Elizabeth L.
3. Ryan Crocker, U. S. Ambassador to Afghanistan- Stacy G.
4. Cameron Munter, U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan - Lydia E.
5. Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan- Blaine F.
6. Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW ) - John M.

VI. U.S. Government: Executive and Legislative Branches
1. Senator Richard Durbin, Senate Majority Whip Sarah H
2. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton- Jack B.
3. Secretary of Defense, Leon E. Panetta Mitch Nini
4. Former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates Domenic T
5. Richard C. Holbrooke, deceased in 2010, Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan-John Schuman
6. Senator Jeff Merkley, (D-Oregon) Graham D.
7. Senator John McCain, (D-Arizona) Michael W
8. Rep. Ron Paul, Lucas S.
9. President Barack Obama Jill W.

VII. Think Tanks/Academia
1. Vali Nasr, former deputy to Richard C. Holbrooke (recently deceased) and professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University - Michael Mitiska
2. Peter Galbraith, former United Nations’ Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan, currently he is a Senator in the Vermont Legislature- Arat I.
3. Fariba Nawa, Katie VW

VIII. Non Government Organizations (NGOs) assisting Afghanistan’s Economic Development
1. Mercy Corps --“Cash for Work Program”—Christine Mulligan, Country Director--Matt Young
2. Report on NGOs--Lara Olsen, Research Fellow, Center for Military and Strategic Studies, University of Calgary- Corbin Dennis
3. Nigel Jenkins, International Rescue Committee - Catt Perry
4. Hashim Mayar, Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief - Gigi Furlong