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This assignment has three TASKS:
TASK I: STUDY A WIDE-RANGE OF DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES ON AFGHANISTANStep 1: Research and Post Perspectives on Afghanistan to wiki. DUE Friday, December 9Step 2: Study the perspectives, select at least one person or agency from six of the eight categories, summarize in an Evidence Table. Due Tuesday, December 13th
TASK II: Write and Post a POSITION ESSAY to the wiki. Due Thursday, December 15th. Write an essay that advances a well-supported position on the question below and post it on: Student Recommendations wiki
How should the United States Proceed in Afghanistan?
Position Essay RUBRIC: A quality will essay will•open by setting up a context for the question--briefly explain why the unites States is fighting a war in Afghanistan,•develop a position or specific answer to the question that precisely states how the United States should proceed in Afghanistan,•use two criteria of the Just War Theory to analyze to what extent the U.S.'s involvement in Afghanistan is a Just War,•use three Perspectives to support your explanation of why our involvement in the war benefits or harms Afghanis,•use three different Perspectives to support your explanation of why the war benefits or harms Americans•draw supporting information from the articles studied in class from the New York Times, The Economist, Associated Press,•wrap up the essay by restating the key reasons why your position is the best way for the U.S. to proceed in Afghanistan.•organize your ideas in extended power paragraphs,•establish the credibility of sources,•cite sources internally and in a Works Cited,•edit language errors from writing,•post the essay on the wiki.
TASK III: Caucus and Discussion Due: Friday, December 16th, 8:05 AMTicket to participate is a hardcopy of your posted essay. During the first hour of the exam period students will caucus with those who share similar positions, reach a consensus, and collaboratively write a statement of the caucus' recommendation. In the second hour, caucuses will collaboratively present and discuss which positions have the greatest merit. The underlined products will be graded.

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A quality statement of the Group's Position will
•clearly state the group consensus on the question
•explain the Group's placement on the continuum
•support the position and continuum placement with clear, focused evidence from each member of the group
•explain how the evidence clarifies and supports the group's position
•establish the credibility of each source

Quality Participation with Group and at the Town Meeting includes,
•engagement in organization and consensus building to develop the group's position on the question,
•collaboration in the writing and presentation of the statement
•quality individual contributions during the Question and Answer portion of the discussion

Quarter 2--grade
Task I: Afghanistan Perspective - 25 points
Task I; TABLE of Perspectives - 25 points

Semester One Grade
Just War Essay 50 points
Task II: Position Essay - 100 points
Task II: Ticket to Participate 20 points
Task III Write, Present Statement 25 points
Task III Discuss all Statements 25 points

GOAL: Each student will research and develop an accurate description of their persons's perspective on the United States' role and its purpose in Afghanistan. The 46 perspectives will be posted on the wiki and referenced in the third step of the exam, when each student develops a position on the question: How should the United States proceed in Afghanistan?
PRODUCT: Answer the questions in extended power paragraphs. Draw evidence from two high quality, credible sources. Cite evidence internally at in a Works Cited. Post your entry on the wiki by Friday, December 9th.
1. Introduce your person and explain why he/she has a credible opinion on the War in Afghanistan.2. Describe your person's perspective on the U.S.'s involvement in Afghanistan. Your answer should address following bullet points:•Why is he/she interested in Afghanistan? Is it personal, political, social, economic, religious, humanitarian, etc?•How was this person affected when the Taliban controlled Afghanistan•How has this person been affected by the United States presence in Afghanistan?•How would this person's life change if the United States left Afghanistan abruptly?3. How would your person answer the question: When should the United States leave Afghanistan?