1980's Project Assignment
Template for 1980's Topics
1980's Topics 8th Period
Grading Template for 1980's Topics

The 3rd Task is due March 26th. I apologize for the stress I may have caused.

1. John Hughes and Brat Pack films--7th Shea S
2. MTV, Madonna, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen--7th Zach O.
3. Beverly La Haye, Concerned Women for America, ERA
4. Richard Viguerie, Pro Life, populist--7th
5. Hair Metal Bands Guns and Roses, Motley Crue, Scorpion, Van Halen--7th Brian M.
6. Hip Hop’s Start Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five--7th Lucas S
7. U. S. Invades Panama, Noriega--7th Annie T
8. Farm Aid – Willy Nelson; Live Aid – Bob Geldolf--7th
9. Phyllis Schlaffly, War against ERA--7th Katie V.
10. USA for Africa, “We Are the World” –Quincy Jones--7th
11.“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” Berlin wall collapses--7th Matt Y
12. Glasnost and Perestroika, Gorbachev -Abby W
13. Hezbollah explodes a truck bomb in Beirut, 241 marines killed--7th
14. Libyan Terrorist Bombing, Pan Am 103, Lockerbie, Scotland--7th
15. Tiananmen Square, Protests, Lady Liberty, Tank Man--7th Catt P.
16. Cult of Celebrity Princess Diana, John Lennon - 7th Michael W
17. Personal Computers, Apple II and Microsoft--7th (Drew Sarno)
18. Warmedy (warm family comedy) //Cosby Show, Family Ties--7th//. Domenic T
19. CNN, Ted Turner, cable news network--7th Mitch N
20. Materialism and Greed on TV, Dallas and Dynasty
21. Talk Shows Phil Donahue, Morton Downey, Jr., Dick Cavet--7th Michael M
22. Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis and 1988 Olympics--Max R
23.Fashion Fads and Faux Pas, Shoulder Pads, Rat tails, Preppy, Leg Warmers--7th Ashley M
24. Miracle on Ice, US Hockey Team beats USSR, Coach Herb Brown--7th John S
25. Iran Hostage Crisis, Carter’s Rescue Attempt
26.Challenger Tragedy, Christa McAuliffe--7th Emily M.
27. Olympic Boycotts in 1980 and 1984--7th Lexie M.
28. Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Bryan v Itasca County
29. Blockbuster Movies: The Terminator, James Cameron--7th (Taylor Neely)
30.King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Thriller, Pepsi--7th Emma P
31. Just Say No, Nancy Reagan, Len Bias
32.Exercise Videos, Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons--7th Jill W
33. Donald Trump, Real Estate Empire (Trump Tower)--7th Sarah M
34. AIDS, Dr C. Everett Koop, Ryan White, Patchwork Quilt
35. “Americans for Tax Reform,” Grover Norquist
36. William Bennett, “A Nation at Risk,” education reform
37. Iran Contra Affair, Boland Amendment, Oliver North
38. Operation Rescue, Terry Randall
39. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, “Praise the Lord Ministry”--7th
40. US invades Grenada – Operation Urgent Fury, Reagan--7th
41. Lee Iacocca, “Chrysler Bailout”, Japan Inc--7th
42. James Watts, “Sage Brush Rebellion”, Wilderness Society--7th
43. Exxon Valdez, Joseph Hazelwood, Sierra Club--7th
44. Vincent Chin, White Auto Workers, Pan-Asian--7th
45. Lincoln Savings & Loan, Keating Five Scandal, Bailout--7th
46.Pete Rose, Cincinnati Reds, Betting Scandal--7th
47. Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken, Junk Bonds, Hostile Takeovers, Leveraged Buyouts--7th
48. Master of the Universe Delusions, Tom Wolfe, //Bonfire of the Vanities, Wall Street--7th//
49. Reagan, the Cold Warrior and “Strategic Defense Initiative”--7th
50. John Hinckley, James Brady, Brady Bill--7th
51. Gary Hart, Politicians and Privacy, Media (Ted Koppel)--7th